Researched Argument Possible Topics

When thinking about the researched argument, the kinds of topics that interest me are regarding athletics, health/environment, and food waste. These topics interest me because I know what it’s like to be on an athletic team, I am a student of the college of health sciences, and I care about saving food, rather than just throwing it away.

1.) Question: Should college athletes be paid?

This is an important question because college teams bring in a lot of money for universities, their coaches receive salaries but college athletes themselves, who dedicate countless hours, are not paid for their time and hard work.

Motivation: I am motivated to explore the topic of whether or not college athletes should be compensated because I have always been an athlete so I know how much time and energy goes into being part of a team and participating in a sport (while being expected to balance all other activities).

Information: I hope to find specific numbers regarding how much revenue college teams bring in, how much money their respective coaches make, and how many hours athletes spend each week with their team.

Arguments: I hope to argue that because of their influence, the amount of time spent dedicated to their team, and the amount of money that they help universities make, they should be rewarded for their time, just as professional athletes are. They are recruited just as professional athletes and should be compensated.


2.) Question: Should more hydration stations be implemented on college campuses in order to help the environment/promote easy access to clean water?

This is an important question because many students love the idea of being able to quickly fill up their water bottles with clean, filtered water. These hydration stations also help save plastic, but it’s important to keep in mind the cost of adding more of them to campuses.

Motivation: I am motivated to explore this topic because I am a health behavior science major and staying hydrated (through easy access to clean water) is an aspect of wellness that drives/influences so many other parts of health. Also, these stations reduce the risk of plastic water bottles, so they are also environmentally friendly.

Information: I hope to find specific numbers on how many plastic water bottles are used annually and how that number contributes to the waste in the environment. I also want to explore the varying costs of hydration stations.

Arguments: I hope to argue that more hydration stations will eliminate excess plastic waste and encourage students to drink more water and stay hydrated, positively impacting their health.


3.) Question: What should be done about food waste in dining halls?

This is an important question because so much food is thrown away and there are plenty of people/places lacking food that could benefit from donating the food.

Motivation: I am motivated to explore this topic because access to food is something that is critically important to all and the fact that so much food is wasted makes me want to combat it and find plausible ways to repurpose wasted food from dining halls.

Information: I hope to find specific numbers/statistics on how much food is wasted each day in a typical dining hall and compare those numbers to the local people/places that are in need of food.

Arguments: I hope to argue that excess food in dining halls should be collected to some extent and donated to local food banks or poor people/families who are in need of food.

Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste


Researched Argument Topics

The three potential topics that I’m considering for my researched argument are sustainability, affirmative action, and student debt. I like each of these topics because they can be examined not only on a societal level, but also on a campus level. I also think that they’re all topics that I won’t get bored with, and haven’t been “overdone”. For sustainability, my question is “How can colleges work towards creating a more environmentally and socially sustainable campus environment?”. I’m interested in exploring the topic of sustainability because it’s something that I’m learning about in my sociology class. We recently had the co-founders of a company called AndAgain come to speak to our class. AndAgain is a company that upcycles jeans, which has many environmental and socially sustainable benefits. For instance, it reduces the amount of pesticide use and water wasted in the production of jeans. What’s great about this company is that its co-founders are both students here at UD. This made me start to think about what other steps the UD community can take in order to make our campus more sustainable. I’m also interested in the topic of affirmative action because it’s something that I’ve heard of before, but don’t know a lot about. For this topic, my question is “Is it fair for colleges to favor one group of students over others based solely on factors like race and gender?”. Since I don’t know much about this topic, I hope that through my research I’m able to determine which side of the argument I tend to lean towards. The third topic that interests me is student debt, particularly now that I’m a college student myself. My question is “To what extent should colleges reduce their tuitions in order to make a college-level education more accessible?”. It’s mind-boggling to me how drastically the price of college tuition has increased over the past decade or so. The tuition for an out-of-state student at UD is over $30,000! Now that I have these three topics in mind, I need to decide which topic will inspire me to write the strongest researched argument.

College tuition over the years