Black Lives Matter

Social media plays a critical role in spreading news and raising awareness in today’s society.  Online platforms are a great way to get information out for multiple reasons.  For one, social media is easily accessible for those with laptops and phones, and it can reach a huge variety of people.  This whole movement really started to gain attention from social media when the founders tweeted #BlackLivesMatter and the tweets went viral.  Other hashtags like #HandsUpDontShoot and #SayHerName were also relevant to this campaign and are examples of how social media helped gain awareness for this movement.  Using a website for my movement will be incredibly beneficial because it is a more effective way to get certain photos and videos out that will help demonstrate the problem Black Lives Matter works against and in a more creative way.  For example, I plan on incorporating a video that maps out all the events that Black Lives Matter participated in and protested at.  Being able to have a video as opposed to just words adds some variety to how a reader receives information in contrast to just giving a flyer out on the street. I plan on incorporating videos, statistics, photos, and personal stories to my website.  It is nice that this type of platform allows all of these things to be incorporated in one place so that it can all be easily viewed and linked to one another.  I am hoping my website will be interactive, visually appealing and with the use of images and videos, has an effect on the viewer that they recognize the issue of this movement.  I want to cover the problem, the solution, how others can help, how the movement started, groups such as Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, and why this is an issue in today’s society.  My website will include the sides of Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter to give the perspective of people who are not fully in support of Black Lives Matter.  Hopefully my website will easily display the issue at hand and allow the viewer to get all the relevant information they would need in order to take this issue seriously.  All in all, using a website as a platform allows news to spread faster and therefore movements to gain more followers and momentum as opposed to standing out on a campus trying to gather support, or sending out mail.  In a world that is so dependent on social media, using it as a platform for a cause is one of the most effective ways to garner support.


Promoting Positive Change

In my personal opinion, I believe advocacy to be the spreading of an idea one is passionate about and making others knowledgable on the topic.  Advocacy is fighting for what one wants and believes in; as they spread a message that can make a positive difference.  When I think of movements that work to promote change, I think of peaceful protests or petitions.  There are many other ways to promote change, but these two ways of promoting change, I feel, can be very impactful and make a serious difference in the community.  Change is good and movements through protest and petition accomplish it well.  When I think of movements, the popular come to mind.  Movements such as The Civil Rights Movement, Gun Violence and Protection, LGBTQ Equality, and many more come to mind as well.  Two movements in particular that interest me is Gun Violence and Protection and the movement on the legalization of marijuana.  These two movements peak my interest and am always interested when I run across stories.  The movement on guns interest me because I hope to go into law enforcement later on in life and guns play an important role in that field.  My stance is that everyone has the right to own and carry a gun after going through the necessary steps in applying and owning.  I do, however, believe the mentally ill and convicted criminals should not have the right to own or carry a firearm due to them being a potential threat.  I think this will create a safer environment and has been proven to work in other countries.  But there will be challenges to this as many people take the opposition and believe only the military and police should have the right.  A movement such as this is very powerful and has two very different stances that can be taken, creating a strong argument.  The cannabis movement interests me not for personal gain, but of the possibilities and uncertainty surrounding it.  I feel the legalization of marijuana can stir our economy as there is a lot of money to be made of it.  But, many are against it and believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and the uncertainty surrounding health issues is still unknown.  The legalization of marijuana across the US is a difficult process, but I believe it will soon be here.