The Bluvments (Guns)

One possible cause that myself, and my group should be interested in focusing on, is the outlaw of guns in America.  I introduce this topic because of the major threat guns pose on the college campus and society in general.  This country has one of the highest violent gun rates in the entire world; highlighting a major problem this country has.  It is time this country considers ridding ourselves of this problem altogether, and we accomplish this with the banning of all guns in this country except for those whose job entails it.  Guns relations to college campuses, which we intend to focus on, is based around the idea of mass shootings.  The United States has more mass shootings than the next four highest countries combined.  The scary fact for us college students is that schools and workplaces are major targets of these popular mass shootings.  In fact, about seven out of ten mass shootings occur at either of the two.  Between the years of 1966 and 2012, America was home to approximately one third of the world’s mass shootings, and yet we only make up five percent of the world’s population.  American having been home to one third of the world’s mass shootings, means that there were a great number of them at schools and businesses.  Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech, a college just like our own, are just some examples of mass shootings on school grounds.  This dangerous threat, that guns pose on us college students in general, is a major reason as to why guns should be outlawed.  We spend most of our time on college campuses and for mass shootings to be so common in America, and on college campuses in particular, is a scary thought.  This is why  advocacy for anti-guns is imperative on college campuses.  They are prime targets for mass shootings and this danger could be eliminated with the banning on guns.


Gun Protection And Reform

The production of my website through WordPress, will provide me with an online platform with the means of creating a movement for others to follow.  My movement advocates for the protection of our rights to guns, while advocating for positive reform at the same time.  It is clear this country needs to change our current gun laws in a positive direction.  But, I do not believe getting rid of guns in general is the solution we need; as argued by many.  My movement advocates for positive reform while maintaining our right to bear arms; guaranteed by the second amendment.  An online platform such as mine is not typically the norm.  In most cases, you will see strong arguments to keep our current gun laws as is.  And in many other cases you will find the argument of getting rid of guns in general.  My movement meets somewhere in the middle, and is a compromise between the two.  I feel as if I could use media such as, videos and pictures that can pertain to both sides.  This idea of offering both sides of the argument and meeting somewhere in the middle can only be attained, as long as I supply the viewer with the right tools and information to get them there.  This compromise can be met, with a proper layout that is visually appealing and easily understood.  My website will be broken down into the current gun laws we have established.  Another section will consist of the problems people have with these laws, identifying what makes gun violence such a problem in this country, and the potential solutions to them.  Then I will consider the other side, to which groups such as the NRA, say the gun laws need to remain the way they are and are not to be made any stricter.  And my final two sections will consist of the issues involving domestic violence and guns, and illegal gun trafficking.  Overall, I feel like viewers will get an understanding of what both sides have to offer and a potential compromise that can be made.  From here, my viewer will be able to formulate their own opinion and own solution if differing from my own.

Promoting Positive Change

In my personal opinion, I believe advocacy to be the spreading of an idea one is passionate about and making others knowledgable on the topic.  Advocacy is fighting for what one wants and believes in; as they spread a message that can make a positive difference.  When I think of movements that work to promote change, I think of peaceful protests or petitions.  There are many other ways to promote change, but these two ways of promoting change, I feel, can be very impactful and make a serious difference in the community.  Change is good and movements through protest and petition accomplish it well.  When I think of movements, the popular come to mind.  Movements such as The Civil Rights Movement, Gun Violence and Protection, LGBTQ Equality, and many more come to mind as well.  Two movements in particular that interest me is Gun Violence and Protection and the movement on the legalization of marijuana.  These two movements peak my interest and am always interested when I run across stories.  The movement on guns interest me because I hope to go into law enforcement later on in life and guns play an important role in that field.  My stance is that everyone has the right to own and carry a gun after going through the necessary steps in applying and owning.  I do, however, believe the mentally ill and convicted criminals should not have the right to own or carry a firearm due to them being a potential threat.  I think this will create a safer environment and has been proven to work in other countries.  But there will be challenges to this as many people take the opposition and believe only the military and police should have the right.  A movement such as this is very powerful and has two very different stances that can be taken, creating a strong argument.  The cannabis movement interests me not for personal gain, but of the possibilities and uncertainty surrounding it.  I feel the legalization of marijuana can stir our economy as there is a lot of money to be made of it.  But, many are against it and believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and the uncertainty surrounding health issues is still unknown.  The legalization of marijuana across the US is a difficult process, but I believe it will soon be here.