What is Advocacy to Me?

Advocacy to me means standing up for what you are passionate about and what you feel needs to change in society. I believe that when people work together for these movements and collectively want things to change, amazing things can happen. The feelings of collective effervescence that occur when people are all gathered for the same cause is something that makes advocacy so empowering. One of the most recent example of this that comes to mind for me is the Women’s March on Washington! Before attending the March on Jan 21st I had never really been a part of a huge protest such as that, and it was one of the best experiences of my life so far. With the current political climate and the controversial situation with our new Commander in Chief, it can be hard to remember that there ARE people in this country/world that want positive change. That being said, seeing the half a million people gather in Washington (and all over the world!) to stand up for women’s rights AND stand in solidarity with all minorities was so empowering.


The ideals behind the Women’s March definitely are one’s that resonate with me in my life. One, being that I am indeed a woman, and simply the general ideals that enforced love, acceptance and equality between ALL people. I would definitely like to look more into this modern movement along with the reasons that led to it, (the Presidential campaign for example), or possibly even other movements that are being emphasized during this difficult political climate, such as the debate on Refugees & Immigration or the movement to emphasize climate change’s existence and risks. I personally try to be a huge advocate for climate change and its threats to the planet, as I am a huge outdoors lover, so I would enjoy looking into that more. A challenge to exploring the climate change movement is the fact that many people will overlook it simply for economic benefits or to avoid inconvenience in their every day lives, however the benefits would be the fact that it can literally help save the environment and Earth that we live on!