Research Paper Sources

Works Cited

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Source 1: This source explains a study on the career pathways and aspirations of fourteen football players at Division I schools.  The study was undergone by two college professors who aimed to further understand how life experiences  can influence graduate degree choices and other aspects of career aspirations.  This source displays how participation in sports can have a profound effect on an athlete’s future, due to the circumstances it presents,  and how those circumstances can sometimes prove detrimental.

Source 2: The second source is an article that speaks about the infamous scandal at the University of North Carolina where fake classes were constructed to ensure that athletes would remain eligible for athletic participation.   This highlights a prime example of how universities can sometime place athletics as a priority over the educational value of their athletes.  This example displays how athletes can be placed in a negative learning environment due to their athletic situation, proving destructive for their learning and setting them up for a less successful future.

Source 3: The third source simply provides statistics on the GPA’s of college students and compares the GPA’s of athletes vs the GPA’s of non-athletes.  This proves useful as it provides one clear and simple way of conveying how participation in sports can prove detrimental to one’s learning.  Additionally, the statistics also provide the discrepancy in GPA’s between athletes and non-athletes for each gender, displaying who is more affected by such activities and whether or not it may be linked to certain sports.  This source provides clear-cut statistics that make it impossible to refute the fact that, on average, the GPA of college athletes is lower than that of their non-athlete counterparts, and this can be used to defend the notion that the education of college athlets may be lacking. 

Source 4: The last source, similar to the second one, provides another example of how college athletes are not obtaining the education they need, this time due to coaches.  This source talks about how a coach at UCLA attempts to get an athlete’s grade raised by requesting an academic advisor to approach a teacher to do so.  This highlights underhanded actions undergone at colleges that prove detrimental to students learning as they feel that they can pass without trying as hard and truly learning material.  Furthermore, it sets a poor example on impressionable college students, who may develop some notion that grades will just be handed to them.

As a whole, these sources work together to support my thesis that college athletes often lose educational value and not properly prepared for the future compared to their non-athlete counterparts.  The variety of the sources, whether it be statistics, real-life examples, or observational studies, provides different avenues to help support my claim.  They display that the issue clearly persists ad that their must be reform to ensure that it does not continue to grow. 



Possible Research Paper Topics

When narrowing down topics to write about I looked to topics that interested me, first and foremost, but also topics that hold great bearing on the world as a whole today and that affect almost everyone on a college campus.  Issues regarding sports, food waste, and the environment stood out as the most glaring topics of research for me to undertake.

Topic 1:  College athletes’ education

Question: How great of an effect does participation in collegiate sports affect the education that athletes obtain?

Motivation: Sports is an enormous aspect of college and often stands as means for students to obtain enough money to attend certain schools with less of a burden financially.  As someone who watches collegiate sports throughout the school year, I am aware of the ongoing topics of tension that exist with collegiate athletes.  Although sports exist as a great outlet in college, it is often seen as a distraction from the main intentions of college: education.  Since most college athletes do not ultimately reach a higher level in their respective sports, many often find themselves in an undesirable position post graduation.

Arguments/Information:  I intend to research how various colleges attempt to find a balance between the school and athletic life for college athletes and how well off college athletes are post graduation.  I will explore different regulations and rules that a put into place my colleges to ensure that education is still seen as the main priority in a collegiate athlete’s life.  I will argue that not enough measures are being taken to ensure a greater future for college athletes and that sports often take precedence over education in some college environments.


Topic 2: Conservation of food and water

Question: Which measures, and to what degree, do most colleges usually take to ensure minimal food and water waste throughout the college campuses (dining halls)?

Motivation: Obviously, the need to conserve food and water stands as an important issue in the world today.  Having visited India numerous times, I am aware of the millions of people who go with little to no food everyday, and it annoys me to see so much food and drinks wasted in the dining halls everyday.  I feel finding ways to not leave waste of this food would be quite beneficial on the college campus.

Arguments/Information: I intend to research how much food is wasted a day, on average, on a given college campus. Additionally, I will also look for various ways colleges dispose of the leftover food in dining halls and if any actions are being taken to reprocess/prevent waste of this food.  I will argue simply that several actions should be taken to prevent colleges from simply disposing of leftover food in dining halls and promoting use of it after the fact.


Topic 3: Environmental Concerns

Question: To what extent do colleges create awareness of the growing environmental issues that plague the world today?

Motivation: The environment is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and it is essential that its is conserved and maintained.  Numerous different environmental issue exists today, such as global warming, deforestation, etc., that place a greater sense of uncertainty in the world and its future.  It is not new that such issue exists, however, it is important that college students understand that great action must be taken by many to combat the problems at hand.

Arguments/Information: I will research several environmental issues that exist today and how prominent they are.  I will find statistics on how prominent the issues are and whether or not the issue continues to increase at alarming rates .  I will argue that colleges should create more awareness on such issues and find more ways to get students  involved in combatting them.


The Bluvments- Save the Environment

One movement that stands quite prominent in today’s world and that I feel that my group should be concerned with is that of the state of the environment.  The environment, clearly, places an immense part in the transgressions of our lives and currently stands as one of greatest problems the world faces.  Issues such as global warming and deforestation has had a great impact on the current state of the world, whether it be in terms of weather, resources, etc.  This is an issue that affects every single individual in the world, so action taken on the those on the college campus could prove extremely profitable for the world today and in the years to come.  Means to avoid further deterioration have been taken all over the world, however, pollution and other harmful acts still exist quite prominently in today’s society.  For example, it is predicted that every year about 2.2 billion tons of waste is dumped into our oceans.  This is an unacceptably large amount of waste that must be lessened to help save the environment from inevitable destruction.


Issues such as those stated above stand as huge but not untreatable problems today.  There are countless ways in which people can help reduce pollution, deforestation, and other environmental issues today.  Simple activities, such as carpooling from place to place, recycling, and bringing your own bag to shop rather than using plastic bags, are easy ways to prevent an augmentation of the issue.  These tasks at first glance may seem only menial, but they can prove to have an enormous effect on mitigating the problem  if enough people follow them, creating a cleaner and healthier planet for the future.

Combatting the issue on the college campus will not only create a more clean and more tolerable place to live, but it will also generate more awareness for the students on an issue that will exist for everyone for the rest of their lives.  It is clear for the necessity of a more sustainable environment, however, many people often neglect the true importance it has on their daily lives ,and it is important to educate others on the issue to prevent this oversight from becoming a reoccurring problem.  For these reasons, I believe my group should focus on helping sustain the environment as it stands as one of the most important features of our lives.


Student Debt Platform

For the issue of student debt, an online platform proves vital and encouraging to helping quell the problem.  The internet stands a great means to reach almost everyone in today’s world, especially college students and college graduates, who the issue has the greatest impact on.  Although this issue affects many people decades after graduation, it poses the greatest impact in the short term, so the young age of those affected the most propels for greater spread through social media.  As younger individuals are more inclined to use social media, the ability to reach a larger audience, by the means of twitter, etc., proves easier.  Likewise, the staggering statistics set forth in various website platforms proves vital in spreading the extent of such an issue.  One website that I feel does a great job of doing so is  Upon entering the website, the visitor sees the amount of reported debt on the website in the United States.  Even though many people will not have reported their debt, the number presented is still astounding, standing well into the one hundred millions.  Additionally, the website provides links to several articles that speak to the injustice of student debt that many people face and proves easy to navigate.  Moreover, it provides a platform for people to debate on ways to promote advocacy and direct action on how to combat the issue, and as a result, gathers people into a more cohesive unit and allows for greater spread of the problem.  The website also launched Rolling Jubilee, a project that intends to abolish student debt.  This website furthers awareness on the topic, allowing for users to spread the word through twitter and by providing videos ranging from information on the issue to actual student protests that have occurred as a result of student debt.

Much like the websites above, I intend to make my website easy to navigate from topic to topic.  I also hope to present the information and statistics in the most efficient way possible as the two websites have done, highlighting the stats that validate the great extent of the issue.  Furthermore, the use of various pictures and videos aided in the experience of the websites as it created a greater emotional response to the students who are impacted, so I hope to incorporate such visuals in order to create a similar effect.  Overall, the most important aspect of my website will be to help the reader understand how truly comparable the issue of student debt is, and that there are several ways to combat the issue and lessen the burden it places on countless people throughout the nation.

Advocacy: Creating a Change

Personally, I view advocacy as standing up for what one believes in through various means, whether through physical means or through other outlets, such as the internet, by coming together with others who hold similar views and beliefs.  Advocacy speaks to people’s ability to be heard and have a say in situations that a single individual would appear powerless.  Advocacy stands as a prominent action in the function of the United States, having an immense impact on the shaping of the nation both presently and in the past.  Historical and ever lasting movements, such as those in civil and women’s rights, shows the change that advocacy can achieve if those who believe strongly enough and are willing enough to take action to create such change.  Currently, the immigration ban posed by President Trump has gathered great adversity and created against throughout the entire country, leading to numerous protests in hopes to spread awareness on the injustice that many people feel President Trump has created.

Currently, the immigration ban and the resulting movements have spiked my interest.  Although I am not directly effected by the ban, I am sympathetic to those who are as I am aware of the unfair treatment that they feel.  The effect it does have on the college campus is clear, as the inflow of college foreigners into  the US continues to rise.  Another prominent issue on the college campus is that of student debt after graduation.  The huge economic toll that a college education creates on many people every year is paramount and stands as an issue that I feel must be combatted.

Through exploration on such movements, I hope to gain a better understanding of the inequality and unfair treatments of certain groups of people that exist in today’s society.  It will enable me to see certain issues through different lens and will allow for a better understanding of how and why people feel the way they do.  It also reaffirms the notion that anyone can make a difference if they set their mind to it and fight for what they believe in.  Although people are often firm in their beliefs, I hope to convince others that change is needed in many different aspects of our lives, and that it will go a long way in shaping a better community and country as a whole.