Resources for my Voluntourism and Education Research Paper

Works Cited

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Zane, Damian. “Barbie Challenges the ‘white Saviour Complex’.” BBC News. BBC, 01 May 2016. Web. 28 Apr. 2017.

How I use these sources

My research paper focuses on the topic of voluntourism and how to combat the negative effects of voluntourism.  Sources 3, 6, and 9 introduce service trips and serve as an example of how service trips are run.  Sources 1, 2, and 5 focus on the benefits of service trips and the best practices of service trips.  These sources provide support to my personal beliefs on how service trips are best presented and identifies the possible pitfalls of service trips.  Sources 4, 7, 8 and 10 present the benefits and issues that occur as a result of voluntourism and provide research that validates each other and the belief that voluntourism has become negative.

Source 2

This source speaks about the benefits of service trips to students and the importance that service trip have which allow students to become stronger activists.  It is written by a group of students and “examined students’ perceptions of social change activities and assessed students’ affinity toward service and activism independently as well as the perceived relationship and interaction between the two”.

Source 3

The third source also provides examples of student’s reactions to service trips and the benefits that they have.  These examples work best to corroborate my own experences and beliefs.  This source  also speaks about the best practitces of service trips in order to make sure that service trips do not lean towards negative voluntourism.

Source 4

The barbie survivor Instagram and blog were written by two students who were fed up with the white savior complex and the negative effects of voluntourism.  Their work has been commented on by others as a way of describing and educating students on how to work to stay away from portraying work in a voluntouristic manner.

Source 5

The fifth source is written on research that was completed on the group work inherent in service trips and the benefits of strong leadership.  This source provides research on how students change and grow as a result of  service trips.



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