Researched Argument Brainstorm

For this researched argument paper, I think it would be cool to take a different approach to college advocacy than I did in the Mapping the Movement and Advocating Change assignments. Instead of focusing on one particular topic of interest, I would like to research the idea of college advocacy as a whole, while using multiple examples of college advocacy to support my argument.

Question 1: Why is college activism so effective in producing change?

Explanation and Motivation: This entire course is based on college activism and why it’s important. Earlier this semester, we briefly discussed why college activism works. We mentioned that there are a lot of young people living in close proximity, students are beginning to find their identities and explore what they really believe, and it’s easy to gather momentum for change among young people through social media, word of mouth, etc. I’m interested in this topic because as a college student, I’m curious as to what makes college activism so unique and effective.

Information and Arguments: I hope to find more information that sheds some light on other social/psychological reasons why college activism works so well. I want to know if our particular stage in life makes us better or more passionate activists. Based on the information I find, I would argue that college activism is unique, meaningful, and powerful because of x, y, and z reasons.

Question 2: What are the most successful tactics in college activism?

Explanation and Motivation: As a college student who is passionate about various issues, I would like to know what activism tactics are more successful than others. These can be implemented in order to make my personal activism on campus more effective. What appeals to college students and how do you get them invested in a cause?

Information and Arguments: I would like to know more about the different tactics that are used in college activism, and how they’ve achieved varying levels of success. I would argue that a certain tactic is more successful than others when it comes to college activism and getting students involved and to care.

Question 3: How is student activism in America today the same and different from a couple of decades ago?

Explanation and Motivation: This topic would explore how student/college activism has changed and evolved over the years. Is it any different now than it was 30 years ago? If so, how? I’m interested in this topic because as a new college student, I wonder to what extent our world today shapes the way we look at issues and how we react.

Information and Arguments: I would have to research what student activism looked like in the past, as well as what it looks like now. Based on what I find, I think that I would argue that the world’s current state has a large effect on student activism and they way college students perceive issues.



One thought on “Researched Argument Brainstorm

  1. I really like your idea of focusing on college advocacy as a whole, rather than focusing on one particular topic of interest! I think that this could lead to a very interesting researched argument if done properly. I also think that a lot of the time people tend to think about entire movements rather than the individual tactics used throughout the movement in order to create change. In your post, you brought up the idea of comparing tactics used in the past to tactics used today which I think is a great idea because I’d love to know whether or not these tactics are still as effective or ineffective as they once were. I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with!


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