Research Topics


Topic 1: Food Waste on College Campuses

Question- Do college campuses appropriately dispose of extra food? Do they donate it to sufficient programs to help the less fortunate? Do they keep careful account of how much food is eaten to plan better for future?

Motivation– I believe that we take the amount of food we have and the accessibility for granted. I am very passionate about this topic as I look as the excessive amount of waste just in my dining hall alone. Of course, I am a culprit as well, trying different meals just to figure out I don’t like them and pushing them aside, then getting up and trying something new. But if you times this amount of the hundreds upon hundreds of students that eat at UD, and then the millions of college students across the country- the numbers are overbearing.

Arguments– I would like to research what UD does with the food waste and how they try to help the less fortunate with the amount of leftover food they have. I want to argue ways we can reduce the amount wasted and plan better for the amount of people per day and meal that come to the dining hall.

Topic 2: Mental Illness

Question- How can college students further the movement of mental illness stigma and prevention?

Motivation– Mental Illness is definitely not talked about enough on college campuses. With college being some of the hardest, most stressful times of a young adult’s life, there should be more awareness. I am motivated with this topic in seeing many people close to me suffering from anxiety and depression, most of them college students themselves. It is hard to hear the stigmas about mental illness and how people do not respect them as much as physical illnesses.

Arguments- I would argue that mental illnesses are just as significant and real as physical illnesses. I would argue that their is not enough campus-spread support about the issue and it is still somewhat of a “taboo” topic to talk about. I would like to argue that colleges should do more to prevent and support. Especially since some of the highest suicide rates are from college campuses around the country. I want to look at what we are doing wrong and how we can change it.

Topic 3: Children and Literacy

Question- How can college students put their knowledge and resources to work in providing help to underprivileged kids in schools?

Motivation– I think many students take for granted the education we have, from elementary school up until college and beyond. To us, reading as always been an essential part of life. Most of our parents encouraged school being a top priority and were able to help us get where we are today. What most people do not realize is that many underprivileged children do not have the same support. With other problems in their life, school may not be the first priority at all times. Some may have a bad home situation and school was never taught to them as being important. I think we should put our knowledge to work and help these children because essentially they are the future too.

Arguments- I would argue that there are many children locally as well as nationally that do not have the motivation and resources that we do. There are many children whose parents never learned how to read either, and it may be hard to ever think of reading as an essential part of life. There is a plethora of ways to change this situation for them.

One thought on “Research Topics

  1. Jessie, every topic you stated has a lot of potential to be a good argument for the research paper. I think children and literacy is a unique topic that we as students do not know enough about. We do not realize how privileged we are. I did not ever think about how there are parents who have never learned to read. Future generations need to help each other out and this is a good way to get the campus involved in something that matters. I know that during Greek Week here at UD, we do a contest to see how many children’s books we can donate. I think this would be something you can talk about personally in your paper.


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