Possible Research Topics

Three potential topics for my research argument are the payment of college athletes, ethics in medicine, and animal rights. Payment of college athletes is of interest to me because I have been a fan of watching sports for my whole life and the issue comes with great controversy. Ethics in medicine also comes to mind because I want to go into medicine and I am very interested in the various ethical dilemmas that doctors and other health professionals face on a daily basis. Lastly, I am interested in a topic related to animal rights because, as a pet-owner, animal cruelty bothers me very much and it is a topic that intrigues me.


Question 1: Should the NCAA compensate college athletes?

This question raises a lot of controversy. The NCAA brings in millions of dollars while college athletes receive nothing. The athletes are expected to both sustain good grades as well as perform at a very high level of competition. At the same time, the NCAA and the universities reap the benefits. I am motivated to investigate this topic as I believe that college athletes are exploited by the NCAA and should at least be permitted to sign endorsement deals. It is extremely hard for athletes to maintain good grades as well as play at a high level, and they deserve compensation.

I intend to find information regarding how much money the NCAA makes as well as find out what the average student athlete’s day looks like to help enforce that they should be compensated. I think athletes should be compensated because there are very high expectations set for them and yet they receive almost nothing in return.


Question 2: Should assisted suicide be legal?

This is obviously a very controversial topic. Assisted suicide happens when someone is terminally ill and makes the decision to end their life with the help of a physician. I am motivated to investigate this topic because not only am I interested in medicine-related topics, but I have seen first hand the pain and suffering that someone with a terminal illness goes through at the end of his or her life. I hope to find information regarding the quality of life of a terminally ill patient as well as the cost of assisted suicide. I would argue that it should be legal as long as the one making the decision is in the right state of mind.


Question 3: Is big game trophy hunting really beneficial to African economies and ecosystems?

A very popular activity in which many tourists partake in Africa is trophy hunting for animals such as lions, elephants, tigers, and other large animals. There are claims that this is beneficial to local economies as the price to participate is very high. The money generated from killing one of these animals also supposedly is put toward working against the extinction of many of these animals. I am motivated to investigate this because I am curious to know whether the money generated from it truly makes an impact or if that is simply an excuse for people who want to hunt endangered animals. I hope to find information regarding where the revenue goes and if these companies that offer this really do attempt to conserve the wildlife. Personally, I do not think it should be legal to hunt these animals as it is inhumane and many are going extinct. Also, I am skeptical of where the revenue is really going.


One thought on “Possible Research Topics

  1. The two topics that you discussed that I feel stood out the most were the one about College Athlete payment and the one on assisted suicide. If you find the realm of college sports to be very interesting, then you should definitely push in that direction, however, there is a clear counterargument that athletes who receive scholarships are being paid with their tuition. Regardless, there are other factors that could be discussed in order to generate a powerful research paper. Your next topic, assisted suicide, is, like you said, a very touchy topic, but if that is where your interests lie then it can be a good direction. It would be important to note that there are activist groups all over the world that are pro life and stand against assisted suicide for either religious reasons or moral reasons. If you wish to support assisted suicide, your argument would need to be very strong and convincing. Looking into state of mind of the patient as well as the suffering/expenses serve as fair areas of research, so you have a solid foundation for your argument. Good luck moving forward.


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