Possible Research Paper Topics

When narrowing down topics to write about I looked to topics that interested me, first and foremost, but also topics that hold great bearing on the world as a whole today and that affect almost everyone on a college campus.  Issues regarding sports, food waste, and the environment stood out as the most glaring topics of research for me to undertake.

Topic 1:  College athletes’ education

Question: How great of an effect does participation in collegiate sports affect the education that athletes obtain?

Motivation: Sports is an enormous aspect of college and often stands as means for students to obtain enough money to attend certain schools with less of a burden financially.  As someone who watches collegiate sports throughout the school year, I am aware of the ongoing topics of tension that exist with collegiate athletes.  Although sports exist as a great outlet in college, it is often seen as a distraction from the main intentions of college: education.  Since most college athletes do not ultimately reach a higher level in their respective sports, many often find themselves in an undesirable position post graduation.

Arguments/Information:  I intend to research how various colleges attempt to find a balance between the school and athletic life for college athletes and how well off college athletes are post graduation.  I will explore different regulations and rules that a put into place my colleges to ensure that education is still seen as the main priority in a collegiate athlete’s life.  I will argue that not enough measures are being taken to ensure a greater future for college athletes and that sports often take precedence over education in some college environments.


Topic 2: Conservation of food and water

Question: Which measures, and to what degree, do most colleges usually take to ensure minimal food and water waste throughout the college campuses (dining halls)?

Motivation: Obviously, the need to conserve food and water stands as an important issue in the world today.  Having visited India numerous times, I am aware of the millions of people who go with little to no food everyday, and it annoys me to see so much food and drinks wasted in the dining halls everyday.  I feel finding ways to not leave waste of this food would be quite beneficial on the college campus.

Arguments/Information: I intend to research how much food is wasted a day, on average, on a given college campus. Additionally, I will also look for various ways colleges dispose of the leftover food in dining halls and if any actions are being taken to reprocess/prevent waste of this food.  I will argue simply that several actions should be taken to prevent colleges from simply disposing of leftover food in dining halls and promoting use of it after the fact.


Topic 3: Environmental Concerns

Question: To what extent do colleges create awareness of the growing environmental issues that plague the world today?

Motivation: The environment is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and it is essential that its is conserved and maintained.  Numerous different environmental issue exists today, such as global warming, deforestation, etc., that place a greater sense of uncertainty in the world and its future.  It is not new that such issue exists, however, it is important that college students understand that great action must be taken by many to combat the problems at hand.

Arguments/Information: I will research several environmental issues that exist today and how prominent they are.  I will find statistics on how prominent the issues are and whether or not the issue continues to increase at alarming rates .  I will argue that colleges should create more awareness on such issues and find more ways to get students  involved in combatting them.


2 thoughts on “Possible Research Paper Topics

  1. Out of all of your topics, I find food waste to be the most interesting. I think you can add very thought provoking insight on the topic considering you have experienced an environment where food is wasted often as well as an environment where there isn’t enough food to go around in the first place. Having visited India numerous times, you have background knowledge most people on our campus do not have, and it would be beneficial for you to share this knowledge with your peers so that they can make conscious decisions about their habits in the dining hall. It will also be interesting to know what better ways to dispose of waste you come up with. It seems like you are very passionate about this topic.


  2. Sean,
    I believe it is very important to work with a topic that interests you, so out of your topics I would say the one on college athlete education would be best for you. On the other hand, your second topic is a national issue and you have personal input with the topic on food waste, so you could make a very powerful argument through your experiences. Statistics on food waste would probably be easier to come by than statistics on college athletes. Ultimately, I believe you’re headed in the right direction for this research paper.


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