Potential Research Paper Topics

Three topics that interest me are common core, NCAA athletes receiving payment, and euthanasia. Questions that can arise from these topics are as follows: Does common core enhance children’s education? Should NCAA athletes receive payment for playing? Should euthanasia be illegal? 
Common core is the newly implemented education standards and testing procedures from kindergarten to 12th grade in United States schools.  There is a considerable amount of backlash about this new system from teachers, students, and parents across the nation. Some question whether it helps or hurts today’s youth. I am interested in this topic because my younger sister is currently in the middle of the storm as a sophomore in high school. I am curious to see if her education experience is better or worse than mine since common core was not being used while I was a high school student. Additionally, both of my parents are former high school teachers, so I am interested to see how the education system has changed over the past few decades. I hope to find more arguments from people who support common core because almost everyone that I talk to who mentions common core always has nothing, but bad things to say about it. Based on my knowledge, I side with these people. 
There has been discussion through colleges nationwide about athletes unionizing to demand payment and royalties for their roles in video games. Some people argue that college athletes are paid through scholarships and stipends. However, others say that the stipends are not enough to live off of, and athletes put in a significantly higher amount of work than the average college student on an academic scholarship. In addition, college athletes produce a large amount of income for colleges. This topic interests me because a numerous amount of my friends are college athletes, and I know that some of them struggle financially. Additionally, as a former high school athlete, I may have worked harder to get an athletic scholarship if there was the incentive to get paid. I hope to find arguments from athletes who are for and against; I support college athletes getting paid. 
Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries.Some people believe this is “mercy killing”. If a patient is going to die anyway, he or she should be able to ask for the pain to end sooner. However, others argue that patients in these conditions do not truly know what he or she is asking for because of the illness or condition he or she is enduring. It is unfair for medical professionals or any family member to essentially play the role of a divine being. I hope to find the reasons why people think euthanasia is a good idea, but I still do not support it. 

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