Exploring Topics of Interest

As a collegiate female athlete majoring in fashion merchandising, three activism related topics that interest me are income equality post graduation, sustainability in the fashion industry/the growing environmental concern of clothing waste, and title 9 cases/sexual assault on college campuses. Income equality interests me because since I am majoring in a business-related field, I am nervous that I will be discriminated against when I graduate because of my gender since many financial industries are heavily male dominated, especially in higher level positions with managerial roles. Sustainability in the fashion industry, on the other hand, interests me because fashion is currently one of the most unsustainable industries and I would love to work towards helping it become more sustainable rather than contributing to the problem every day on the job. Finally, title 9 cases/sexual assault cases on college campuses pique my interest because rape and sexual assault is so grossly underreported and overlooked by officials.

fast fashion

For income equality, my open ended question would be, “How can we as female college students work together towards ensuring that when we graduate, our pay rate in relation to men will be one dollar to one dollar?” For sustainability in fashion, my open ended question would be, “What steps can be taken to move the fashion industry towards the positive end of the sustainability spectrum and to decrease the detrimental impacts of fast fashion on the environment?” For Title 9 cases and the prevalence of sexual assault on campuses, my open ended question would be, “By utilizing surveys and currents facts and statistics, what can be done to mitigate sexual assault on college campuses and make victims more likely to report rape when it happens?”


By delving into these topics, I hope to find information such as statistics about the depth/prevalence of each, testimonies to recent graduate’s personal experiences with these issues, what steps have been done so far to help the causes, and the main pain point contributors to the problems. I also hope to formulate a plethora of my own opinions about actions that can be taken and to come up with unique ideas that have not necessarily been tested before.

-Katie Kornienko, Future Campus Activist.


One thought on “Exploring Topics of Interest

  1. Katie,
    I find your choice of topics very interesting.
    For one, they are heavily inter-related. Title IX is at the forefront of addressing gender inequality by mandating equal opportunity on college campuses. It specifically states that a person’s sex is not a valid basis for discrimination. Likewise, the income inequality you mention has been coined the ‘gender pay gap’, because women receive less money on the dollar compared to men. This is blatant discrimination, and activism should be encouraged.
    I also admire your topics because they reflect what you are passionate about. Title IX has likely had a profound affect on your participation in collegiate athletics. Your concern for the fashion industry’s sustainability also reflects your willingness to think critically about your major and future endeavors.


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