Researched Argument Topics

The three potential topics that I’m considering for my researched argument are sustainability, affirmative action, and student debt. I like each of these topics because they can be examined not only on a societal level, but also on a campus level. I also think that they’re all topics that I won’t get bored with, and haven’t been “overdone”. For sustainability, my question is “How can colleges work towards creating a more environmentally and socially sustainable campus environment?”. I’m interested in exploring the topic of sustainability because it’s something that I’m learning about in my sociology class. We recently had the co-founders of a company called AndAgain come to speak to our class. AndAgain is a company that upcycles jeans, which has many environmental and socially sustainable benefits. For instance, it reduces the amount of pesticide use and water wasted in the production of jeans. What’s great about this company is that its co-founders are both students here at UD. This made me start to think about what other steps the UD community can take in order to make our campus more sustainable. I’m also interested in the topic of affirmative action because it’s something that I’ve heard of before, but don’t know a lot about. For this topic, my question is “Is it fair for colleges to favor one group of students over others based solely on factors like race and gender?”. Since I don’t know much about this topic, I hope that through my research I’m able to determine which side of the argument I tend to lean towards. The third topic that interests me is student debt, particularly now that I’m a college student myself. My question is “To what extent should colleges reduce their tuitions in order to make a college-level education more accessible?”. It’s mind-boggling to me how drastically the price of college tuition has increased over the past decade or so. The tuition for an out-of-state student at UD is over $30,000! Now that I have these three topics in mind, I need to decide which topic will inspire me to write the strongest researched argument.

College tuition over the years

One thought on “Researched Argument Topics

  1. Awesome job with your blog! I love your idea of focusing on sustainability and how efforts to be more environmentally friendly can be accomplished right here on UD’s campus and by UD students themselves through the choices they make every day. There are many things that you can focus on and you may have to narrow down the focus because of the many varying topics like food waste, clothing waste, energy waste, and more. I think that if you go in the direction of clothing waste, the company AndAgain is a great place to start. Due to the fact that the founders are students here you can look into those UD students’ efforts and maybe even contact them for more information. You can also look into the varying UD environmental clubs/groups that aim to make UD’s campus more sustainable. It’s a unique idea and I think that you can do a lot with this topic!


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