Exploring Research Topics

Question 1How do we draw a link between the educated women on college campuses and the problem of the lack of education for girls in third world countries?

Background / My Motivation:  The organization Girl Up raises awareness and money for the lack of education for girls in developing countries. The movement participants are mostly high school students, but college students can make an impact in this movement as well. I’m interested in investigating this topic because I’m a girl and I know how important getting an education is.

Information / Arguments: I hope to find that many college students have an interest in this topic. I also want to find more evidence that there are already similar movements on campuses. I would argue that besides Doctors and Engineers Without Borders, there should be “Educators Without Borders” or other similar programs. I would also argue that college students want to get involved in these types of activities but they can not because they do not exist.

Question 2Why do politicians deny climate change if it is a “sure thing” according to scientists?

Background / My MotivationI trust science because one of the goals of science is to be accurate. Also, I’m a chemical engineering major. I’ve never understood why some politicians don’t acknowledge the effects of climate change and what it’s doing to the planet. Is there some other factor or motivation involved?

Information / ArgumentsI hope to find that there are economic or political goals that motivate the politicians to deny global warming. My arguments will be that climate change is backed by lots of scientific data and that there are many reasons why denying global warming is beneficial for politicians.

Question 3: Is there really a gender wage gap in the United States? If so, what can college students effectively do to reduce the gap?

Background / My Motivation: Everyone knows the slogan, “equal pay for equal work,” which refers to the gender wage gap in the United States. This slogan is old, it has been repeated too many times, and it is hardly effective. Why hasn’t this problem been fixed by now?

Information / Arguments: I hope to find that the gender wage gap has been fixed, but it’s likely that it hasn’t been fixed in all aspects of U.S. labor. Therefore, I will argue that there needs to be a renewed and reinvigorated movement that tackles the problem and finally topples it. This movement, I will argue, will start on college campuses.

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