The Bluvments- Save the Environment

One movement that stands quite prominent in today’s world and that I feel that my group should be concerned with is that of the state of the environment.  The environment, clearly, places an immense part in the transgressions of our lives and currently stands as one of greatest problems the world faces.  Issues such as global warming and deforestation has had a great impact on the current state of the world, whether it be in terms of weather, resources, etc.  This is an issue that affects every single individual in the world, so action taken on the those on the college campus could prove extremely profitable for the world today and in the years to come.  Means to avoid further deterioration have been taken all over the world, however, pollution and other harmful acts still exist quite prominently in today’s society.  For example, it is predicted that every year about 2.2 billion tons of waste is dumped into our oceans.  This is an unacceptably large amount of waste that must be lessened to help save the environment from inevitable destruction.


Issues such as those stated above stand as huge but not untreatable problems today.  There are countless ways in which people can help reduce pollution, deforestation, and other environmental issues today.  Simple activities, such as carpooling from place to place, recycling, and bringing your own bag to shop rather than using plastic bags, are easy ways to prevent an augmentation of the issue.  These tasks at first glance may seem only menial, but they can prove to have an enormous effect on mitigating the problem  if enough people follow them, creating a cleaner and healthier planet for the future.

Combatting the issue on the college campus will not only create a more clean and more tolerable place to live, but it will also generate more awareness for the students on an issue that will exist for everyone for the rest of their lives.  It is clear for the necessity of a more sustainable environment, however, many people often neglect the true importance it has on their daily lives ,and it is important to educate others on the issue to prevent this oversight from becoming a reoccurring problem.  For these reasons, I believe my group should focus on helping sustain the environment as it stands as one of the most important features of our lives.



6 thoughts on “The Bluvments- Save the Environment

  1. I like that you are narrowing the focus of this very broad movement to how it affects college students and how to get college students involved in the movement. If you do this movement, though, it is a huge field with a lot of advocacy already going on in it, so I would also recommend coming up with specific ways that students can make a difference in this cause. Otherwise, it may be difficult, and therefore perhaps not as appealing, for them to successfully advocate for change and work to save the environment, no matter how passionate they are about this particular movement. Great job on finding a movement that will touch a lot of people though!


  2. By focusing on the environment through connecting it to campuses, your team can truly bring people to think about the environment in terms on their own lives rather than some abstract cause that can be pushed aside and replaced by more immediate ones. There are many, many different majors at the University of Delaware that are concerned with this topic. Some are more obvious, like environmental science, while some are more hidden, such as mine, fashion merchandising. My major has concentrations in global production sustainability and diminishing clothing waste.
    The movement towards conservation and sustainability is a movement that pertains to our entire campus and would be of interest to a wide audience. Although some people don’t see this as a legitimate issue, it most definitely is. Global warming is approaching at an exponentially fast rate, so I think your group would benefit from choosing this topic.
    Good luck, Team Bluvments!
    -Katie Kornienko


  3. I fully agree with your stance on this issue, as this was my topic for the Mapping the Movement website. There are so many facets to this issue, which, in my opinion, makes it very important. Additionally, it is a movement that can feasibly be supported on college campuses.
    The importance of this issue is so great because nearly every decision we make affects the environment, and most of the time we do not even realize it. One of the sources that I used for my website was a professor here at UD. She gave me a great analogy regarding how people can work towards saving the environment. She explained that if everyone perceived littering, combustion, and other environmentally harmful activities like smoking has been perceived in the last several decades, then the fight to end global warming would become much easier. Overall, this issue is one of the most important issues that our country faces today and I think that your group should choose this one.


  4. I love how you took such a huge issue like conserving the environment and broke it down into realistic, doable steps for college students. I think that the University of Delaware has a lot of room for growth in being a greener campus, so there are many opportunities for you to bring about change at UD with this specific issue. Conserving the earth is an issue that I know many people, especially on college campuses, are very passionate about. It’s also a huge national and global issue that affects every single person, whether they think so or not. I don’t think you will have any problem finding a group of people who will support and join your movement for more environmental awareness. I think you did a great job with your pitch!


  5. This is an issue that is extremely important to me and I’m glad that there are other students in the class with this same interest! I feel that educating college students especially about the importance of sustainability and stewardship of the Earth is integral to meaningful survival as a species and a planet. This is a stage in life where people are still impressionable and yet have the autonomy to not only research and make decisions for themselves but to advocate for what they believe in. This is a movement that seems to be gathering momentum and as more students get involved, more education and research will result in a culture more invested in conservationism.


  6. I think this is one of the most important topics to explore for one very basic reason. Once the world deteriorates beyond repair, where will we live? I feel like this question is very under asked by most of the population. Most people do not truly believe their effort has a big enough impact on the bigger picture. I think it is a great idea to advocate for this on college campuses because if people start caring about the environment that early, it will have a longer and more sustainable impact on the world. I also think that most people are unaware of how easy it would be to take small steps to help the environment.


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