The Bluvments (Ending Racial Tension)

All around the internet and the news we see repulsive acts of racial profiling and tension. The fact of the matter is that racism still exists. Still today, all around the country, there are hate groups targeted towards specific races or religions. Some well known examples of strong hate groups are the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), modern day Nazis, and even Islamic Extremists (specifically the extremists). Members of these groups could randomly have a fuse go off in their mind based on hate for another race or religion, and end up committing mass murder. Incidents like these make people feel uneasy and unsafe because of the potential for racial targeting.

 In addition to acts of physical violence, people who have hatred instilled in them for another race or religion use verbal assault and racial slurs to send their message. For African Americans it’s the n-word, for Muslims its ‘terrorist’, the list goes on. Ultimately, it all stems from the environment. A child is not born racist. Racism is an acquired trait that is taught to people through the internet, television, and even the guardian of a child. When exposed to offensive behavior in youth, children will grow up believing it is normal, or worse, right.

kids (blakc and white)

Recent headlines in America have also charged racial tension in out country. More recently, police brutality has taken a toll on America because the black community has the suspicion that the men in blue are targeting their race. This idea made headlines everywhere. When people from the black community respond violently, suddenly they’re the enemy. This is a form of targeting. A group of people in desperate need for some justice become the enemy because a few people act irrationally, therefore swaying the judgement of several Americans. The same goes for Muslims. When a ‘Muslim’ commits a murder(s), The news immediately suspects ties with ISIS and labels them a terrorist. Though ISIS may indeed have been the person’s motivation, it is not necessarily the case. What this does however, is make those who are too ignorant and those whose thoughts are blindly guided by the news suddenly deem all Muslim’s terrorists. The same goes for white people in that they are targeted by several people in other races as ‘white supremacists’. No one race is safe from any type of targeting.

Every race or religion has groups of people targeting them. I feel my group should focus on fixing the racial divide in America because it affects everyone in one way or another.


2 thoughts on “The Bluvments (Ending Racial Tension)

  1. I like the idea of concentrating on this movement because equality should and is the most important thing a society should focus on. No matter what our background is we will experience some sort of unfair treatment due to a racial reason or something along that line. You make a good point about how one is not born a racist, but is taught it through social media and such. Maybe there is something that can be done to not allow certain things to be said over social media without a punishment. Either way you make some strong points and I believe this could be a good movement to look into.


  2. I think this movement is worth focusing on because many people today claim that we have reached racial equality because we “have equal rights under the law”, when really, people all over continue to face discrimination and hate across our nation (and around the world). This negative stereotyping and hate speech tends to lead to violence and violence, as we know, only leads to more violence. This cause is necessary because we must first focus on peace and acceptance before we can go on to solve other national or worldly issues. I mean, how can we fight domestic violence or preserve the environment, when we can’t even get people of all races and differences to accept each other.


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