Small Business Movement (Team Amigas)

A movement that is taking the nation by storm is the Small Business movement. The notion to shop small is being echoed from small towns to large cities. When you walk down Main Street, it is not the chain restaurants and convenience stores that give it character, it is the unique, small businesses that add to the flavor of Main Street. It may seem that big businesses are what keeps our national economy afloat, but in reality half of employed Americans work for small businesses. Also, in an economy where job growth is everything, it is important to note that in the past 20 years 65% of new jobs came from small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. If small businesses are so important, why do we need a movement surrounding them?

According to the Small Business Revolution, small businesses are under attack in small towns. Small businesses do not have the advantage of having lots of funding and resources to fall back on when their location fails. They must rely on support from the community and lots of hard work. One way the movement is promoting small businesses is through Small Business Saturday. This ‘holiday’ is between black Friday and cyber Monday. It has successfully promoted people to shop at small businesses on that day and spend around $5.7 billion. However, there are 364 other days in the year! The maker movement is what small businesses must rely on the rest of the year. This movement “[shares] a vision of nothing less than changing the world, “freeing the worker” from the rote and unempowered work of corporations and into doing something fulfilling and creative that may well transcend the profit motive.” This movement within in a movement is the driving force that keeps small businesses connected. The point of the movement is to put the power into the hands of the small businesses and take it from corporate America. Around 1/3 of small businesses will fail in the first 2 years, with the support of the maker movement, maybe this statistic can improve for the better. The students at the University of Delaware could definitely be more involved with small businesses in the area. We have a very active Entrepreneurship club, but they are more focused on starting their own ventures instead of working with already existing ones. I think this movement would be an exciting movement to get involved with because we could help to improve our campus by helping the local businesses on Main Street, like Grassroots. Focusing on our small businesses could help improve the atmosphere of Main Street and make our university even better.grassroots

2 thoughts on “Small Business Movement (Team Amigas)

  1. I definitely agree that this would be a very relevant issue for your group to focus on bringing to the attention of more UD students. Small businesses such as GrassRoots are very prominent on Main Street in Newark, and I think this would be a really interesting topic to explore as a movement since not many would think of small businesses as having a movement around them. Great job on presenting a specific store for this cause to focus on!


  2. This is an interesting topic because I feel like it is not one that people typically talk about. When we think of making change on college campuses, we usually think about issues like sexual assault, binge drinking, pollution, etc. Small businesses here are a huge part of what makes Newark a great place for college students, and people should definitely be aware of the trouble that they ensue! I feel as though one reason that small businesses may fail is because they will sometimes have high priced items (take Grassroots on Mainstreet for instance), but the reason they have higher prices is usually because they do not have the resources the big corporations do. A movement focusing on this would definitely help people appreciate the unique and intimate setting of a small business where people are just trying to express themselves and their interests.


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