Accepting Yourself (Core4)

According to Psych Central, approximately 80% of women are dissatisfied with the way they look, and Men’s Fitness Magazine similarly reports that 44% of men aren’t happy with their bodies. There is obviously a trend in society of individuals believing their bodies aren’t good enough. Children now worry about being too fat or too skinny rather than just being healthy. We see pictures in magazines of the “perfect woman” or the “perfect man” and try to live up to this ideal, and thus are never satisfied with ourselves. And it’s not just about weight. People who have skin conditions are afraid to go out without makeup or dove-campaign-for-real-beauty-case-analysis-4-728clothing to hide it. Those who have thinning hair, for age or other reasons, are afraid to go out without wearing a wig or getting treatment to correct it. There are innumerable ways we believe ourselves to be “different” and try to hide this difference out of embarrassment or shame. This lack of self esteem can lead to the allowance of disrespect, hurtful speech, and can even lead to thoughts of suicide. People who don’t like themselves often believe they aren’t worthy of anything better and continually hurt themselves by accepting harmful circumstances, both physically and psychologically. This is why I think my group should support the cause of accepting who you are. There is a movement now to counteract the unrealistic body ideals that the media has presented. We see this through new magazine covers with all body types, commercials for clothing stores with people of all shapes and maxresdefaultsizes pictured, and “no makeup” events that have garnered the support of celebrities through #nomakeup social media pictures. I believe, especially in college where finding and believing in yourself is so important, we should promote the belief that you only need to be the best version of you.

The cause of accepting who you are is already important to the campus of the University of Delaware. UD sororities have participated in this movement by allowing women to take hammers to scales to show that their weight isn’t as important as society has led them to believe. The university’s Student Health Center has also had students write their favorite thing about themselves on handheld mirrors. This way, students see their beauty when they look in the mirror, rather than all of their perceived flaws. I think, as a group, we could easily find other concrete actions to support this essential cause. There 2-smash-your-scale-1024x476are so many ways to help people understand their true worth, and we need to get this message out among our campus.

Self image is so important to the psychological and social welfare of both women and men. People are more successful in relationships, academics, and work when they believe in themselves and are satisfied with who they are. This is why I think it’s so important for my group to support this cause on campus. We need to start a movement of people loving who they are so they can spread this love and positivity to others, even after they leave UD.


5 thoughts on “Accepting Yourself (Core4)

  1. I think this is a really unique idea for a movement to focus on advocating change for! I would maybe recommend focusing on the general “improve-self-esteem” movement rather than the specific “no makeup” movement, for example, because I think you may have difficulty getting students involved in movements such as that which promote no makeup, but students are probably more likely to be interested in improving their self-esteem. It’s also a very relevant topic for not only college students but people in general, so great job!


  2. I really like this movement because I think it is extremely prevalent on college campuses. Issues with self-esteem and struggling to keep up with the societal standards of beauty can lead to other issues such as eating disorders and depression. This is a really positive movement that so many people are beginning to get behind which is also really great.


  3. I like this idea for your movement. It is a very original idea and is definitely something that needs to be thought about. This is a very essential movement to people of our age in college, who are trying so hard to look their best perhaps look like someone they’re not. People need to be encouraged to be themselves. The point you make about kids at a young age worrying they’re too fat or too skinny is a more serious issue cause this can lead kids to being depressed or their worry will cause them to have a bad diet none of which will be good. This is a very unique movement and i think would be a great choice for your group.


  4. I love that you decided to write about this movement, as I believe it has gained a lot of attention in recent years. The media is something that affects nearly every person in some way, and it is easy to see how TV shows, Instagram, twitter, etc. can negatively impact someone’s view of themselves. Kids have begun experiencing negative views of themselves at younger ages than ever before due to this belief that we must look like the people we see in magazines or on social media. This negativity can lead people on a slippery slop downhill such as to eating disorders, depression, and even self harm. It is important that we raise awareness of these issues and work to instill self love into our culture. Campaigns such as Aerie real and Dove real beauty campaign work to demonstrate that every body is perfect and should be loved.


  5. I feel that advocating change and spreading awareness on this issue would be extremely beneficial and is clearly a huge issue on college campuses. Depression and suicide stand as major issues in today’s world, often stemming from displeasure with oneself and low self-esteem. People often find themselves insecure about their own outward appearance, which can only pose detrimental to one’s psyche and view of the world and themselves, as one may take on unhealthy habits that harm one’s health to an extreme. Raises this issue, especially on a college campus, will prove favorable, as college is often a time where people are trying to find out who they are and care about what other think. I feel that this will be a great, unique movement for your group to advocate.


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