Girl Up! (Team Amigas)

Girl Up is a club dedicated to raising awareness and funds for girls education in developing countries. In high school, I was a member of a local chapter of the club, and I was given the opportunity to attend the Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. From all of these experiences, I gained a lot of knowledge about issues related to girls’ education in developing countries. I learned that when women are included in the workforce, the economy of a developing country improves significantly. Furthermore, giving girls official birth certificates allows them to be enrolled in schools. Not only a national movement, this movement is important to the U.S. specifically. Former First Lady Michelle Obama started a campaign called Let Girls Learn related to the movement. As a result of the efforts of Let Girls Learn and Girl Up members and activists, the U.S. Congress passed the Girls Count Act. This law helps ensure that girls in developing countries are registered at birth.

On the other hand, the students at the University of Delaware do not seem as motivated about this movement as other movements. There are not many clubs centered around promoting education in developing regions. Instead of looking at this as a negative, we can use it as motivation to encourage students to gather together to support this movement. Furthermore, this cause is easy to support because fundraisers are easy to plan. Organizations such as Girl Up take the money raised by fundraisers and do the grassroots work themselves, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to get involved. Lastly, as college students, we understand the importance of getting a quality education. Therefore, we are motivated to raise money and awareness for education in places where education is lacking. In summary, my group should focus on the movement for bringing education opportunities to girls in third-world countries because the University of Delaware does not have many similar clubs, it is easy to support, and it is relatable for college students.


2 thoughts on “Girl Up! (Team Amigas)

  1. That is an amazing opportunity! Since you have first hand experience it should be even easier to convince people to join this movement especially since there are no actions on campus to support it yet. I attended an all girls school for high school and learned about the importance of educating young women and the impact that it can have. Some amazing videos that you could use to support the importance of this movement are the girl effect videos, especially this one . I personally believe this is an amazing cause that can create worldwide change with even simple fundraisers. If you look into micro loans those are very cool and the money can be directly donated to women who are working to improve their lives through education or beginning a small business.


  2. I am amazed that I have not heard more about this movement personally. I believe that promoting education, especially to young women should be more talked about today. Developing countries are often looked over, as we have everything here already and have no desire to think about others in need. I think that advocating for this and supporting opportunities for young women can be a huge step forward in the feminist movement. Women are powerful and it is important that we stick together to aid the new generation, specifically the ones that do not have any of the opportunities that we do in America. With education and support, these young girl’s lives can benefit drastically.


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