The Bluvments (Guns)

One possible cause that myself, and my group should be interested in focusing on, is the outlaw of guns in America.  I introduce this topic because of the major threat guns pose on the college campus and society in general.  This country has one of the highest violent gun rates in the entire world; highlighting a major problem this country has.  It is time this country considers ridding ourselves of this problem altogether, and we accomplish this with the banning of all guns in this country except for those whose job entails it.  Guns relations to college campuses, which we intend to focus on, is based around the idea of mass shootings.  The United States has more mass shootings than the next four highest countries combined.  The scary fact for us college students is that schools and workplaces are major targets of these popular mass shootings.  In fact, about seven out of ten mass shootings occur at either of the two.  Between the years of 1966 and 2012, America was home to approximately one third of the world’s mass shootings, and yet we only make up five percent of the world’s population.  American having been home to one third of the world’s mass shootings, means that there were a great number of them at schools and businesses.  Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech, a college just like our own, are just some examples of mass shootings on school grounds.  This dangerous threat, that guns pose on us college students in general, is a major reason as to why guns should be outlawed.  We spend most of our time on college campuses and for mass shootings to be so common in America, and on college campuses in particular, is a scary thought.  This is why  advocacy for anti-guns is imperative on college campuses.  They are prime targets for mass shootings and this danger could be eliminated with the banning on guns.


3 thoughts on “The Bluvments (Guns)

  1. Joe, I definitely agree that our current gun laws are an issue for this country. I personally believe that there is no need for anyone to carry a gun, besides people whose jobs require them to as you mentioned in your post. While I knew that the U.S. has one of the highest rates of mass shootings, I had no idea that we have more mass shootings than the next four highest countries combined. It’s sad to think about how many innocent lives have been taken from these types of shootings, which may have been prevented if we had stricter gun laws. One challenge I think you may face is trying to convince the opposing side to agree with you since gun laws are a very controversial topic. Overall, you’ve done a great job with your pitch!


  2. Your statements are very strong. I knew the United States had a gun violence issue but I did not know that it was to that magnitude. That makes this movement very strong. You will definitely face opposition when trying to promote this movement but if you have good research and information and the strength to back it up, it should go very well. I am interested to find out what events or outreach you would like to do to make college students aware of this issue. Over all this is a very convincing pitch and if you work hard the final project should be very good too!


  3. Joey, your points on this issue are very strong and definitely make me realize the severity of this issue. This type of thing needs to have a clear rule in place. There have been to many situations that have ended tragically due to this. You are definitely right about guns needing to be outlawed. Even though we may not have experienced this issue first hand we know examples or maybe friends who have. The risk of allowing guns is not worth it and that is why I strongly agree with you and would like to concentrate on this movement to put an end to this. All in all this is a very convincing pitch and I believe this could be a very good movement to pursue.


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