Health and Wellness (Team Amigas)

The cause that I’d like to focus on for this project is promoting health and wellness. For starters, I love working out and learning about nutrition, so the cause is something that’s personal to me. I think that health and wellness are often taken for granted in our society given that over 70% of adults in the U.S. are considered to be overweight or obese according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, obesity tends to be passed on from generation to generation as parents teach their kids unhealthy lifestyle habits which the kids then adopt themselves and pass on to their kids and so on. In order to stop this cycle, we must educate kids about things like nutrition and ways that they can stay active so that they know how to live a healthy lifestyle early on.

Prevalence of self-reported obesity among U.S. adults by state

At the University of Delaware, there are some measures already being taken in order to promote student health and wellness. For instance, there are several clubs on campus that revolve around this concept including the nutrition and dietetics club, the healthy hens club, and the student wellness and health promotion club. There are also clubs that students can join that offer free fitness classes such as the Zumba club. If students aren’t interested in taking any of these classes, they can go to a class at the Little Bob or work out there on their own. While exercise has many physical benefits, it also has many mental benefits because it provides a healthy outlet for people to relieve their stress rather than resorting to unhealthy coping methods such as drug or alcohol use.

Similarly, the U.S. government has also taken steps to promote health and wellness through campaigns like the “Let’s Move” campaign which was introduced in 2010 under the Obama administration to fight childhood obesity. Although health and wellness are already being promoted on campus and nationally, I think it’s clear that our country could benefit more from this cause.



5 thoughts on “Health and Wellness (Team Amigas)

  1. I totally agree with everything you talked about in your blog post. I too am passionate about health and fitness so this cause is very important to me. Like you stated in your post, it’s obvious that there are measures being done to teach people about health and wellness, both on campus with various health groups and nationally with the “Let’s Move” campaign. However, we continue to see unhealthy trends of obesity and other wellness issues in our national numbers. While the wellness programs/groups that we have both locally and nationally are a good start to get the movement going, we need to start paying more attention to how much health and our everyday choices affect us on more than just a physical level. The health-related choices that we make today and the importance that we assign to them will affect how we raise our kids and influence future generations to come.


  2. You made some great points about the importance of health and wellness, and I liked your references to the clubs already available here on campus! I think it one way you could go about the movement is looking at the different ways American society is encouraging this unhealthy lifestyle in the first place. You could look at the use of media and advertisements that promote unhealthy behaviors and the values that us as a society value (i.e. work and success being above happiness). Then from there, find ways to make people aware of the ways society is constructing this unhealthy lifestyle and ways to combat it (like the programs you mentioned!).


  3. I agree with what you have proposed for your group to support. Obesity is certainly a growing issue in the US, and results in many different problems. It seems as though our country has done little to combat it, as fast food dominates the food industry. In my opinion, one way to fight obesity would be to ban free refills on sugary drinks. The amount of sugar in a can of soda is too much for anyone’s body to process, and it converts almost entirely to fat. If customers have to pay for another cup of soda, they might be more likely to ask for a free cup of water instead.
    I also fully agree with your comments about exercise and stress. I exercise on a regular basis and one of the main effects that I notice is that I feel very relaxed afterwards and I am also able to sleep much easier.


  4. As you said, nutrition is a problem throughout the nation, and it is especially noticeable on college campuses. There are numerous opportunities for students to have an unhealthy lifestyle with the typically unhealthy dorm food, lack of time to exercise, and stress. I think the “Freshman 15,” which originally was the “Freshman 10,” properly demonstrates the common lack of emphasis on wellness in college campuses. The promotion of this movement on campus would be very beneficial to improving the health of the UD student body. There are so many ways your group could go about supporting the need for fitness and healthy eating with concrete actions. One additional angle I think would be interesting to focus on is the extent of the different eating disorders in the US. Exploring the problem of anorexia, not just obesity, would broaden your group’s audience.


  5. Most people think of the personal benefits of weight loss when they consider personal healthcare; increased confidence, energy, and happiness. An interesting thing to think about as well is the way that we benefit as a society when we pursue health and wellness. Health costs go down, efficiency increases and the overall population grows happier. These communal benefits are certainly something to strive for along with the personal benefits that you mention.
    Another way college students can have an impact on health and wellness is through the educational department. Many teachers come from the University of Delaware and teachers, especially in elementary education, can have a profound impact on not only the mental and emotional, but the physical well-being of their students.


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