Using the internet to advocate for change

An online platform is absolutely vital for the movement that I am following (climate change awareness and reducing its impact). The topic can be rather complicated in some ways, and the internet is a great medium to convey the movement’s message in a more simplified way. For example, fully understanding the depletion of the ozone layer can be difficult, as some scientific background and lots of scientific terminology is needed to conceptually understand why it is happening. This video features Bill Nye, a very recognizable face, explaining in layman’s terms what climate change is and why it is happening. He uses everyday vocabulary, and the video includes many diagrams and graphics which make the information he is giving much more digestible. I intend to include forms of media very much like this. For example, I may include an infographic that is easy to understand for the general viewer and visually pleasing, like this picture:health-care-and-climate-change_5565db5177ae2_w1500

I want the layout of my website to be very easy to navigate. A particular movement regarding climate change that I will try to model my site after is They utilize social media to advocate their beliefs. For example, their website has a section dedicated to all of their Facebook posts, and on the front page they include a feed of their Twitter account, which posts about news and updates regarding climate change awareness and clean energy. Overall, the layout of a web page means a lot to the viewer because if the web page is not visually pleasing or not easily navigated, the viewer will leave, and the information intended for viewers will never actually reach them.


2 thoughts on “Using the internet to advocate for change

  1. I also think it’s super important that difficult concepts such as global warming are able to be explained in simpler terms so that everybody can understand what is happening. Many of the times when people do not support the climate change movement or do not believe in it, it is because they are not informed and unaware of what is really happening. Using a familiar figure like Bill Nye or other celebrities (i.e. Leo DeCaprio and his film “Before The Flood”) is highly effective because typically when a celebrity endorses a cause people are more likely to be more receptive to it. Also, there are a ton of different graphics online making global warming easier to understand so that should be a highly effective way of informing people on the movement!


  2. Several people believe that the only effects global warming will have are warmer summers and shorter winters, so I fully agree with you on the point that most people don’t understand the issue. I think your ideas are spot on in getting the message across without leaving too many people behind in the dense conceptualization. The Bill Nye clip will probably stand out very well since he’s such a familiar face and, like you said, he explains what’s going on quite simply. I like your idea about connecting to social media because nowadays that’s where a lot of people get their information. Good luck moving forward on your website. I like the direction it is going in.


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