Providing Another Angle

As of right now, there are only two websites that I know of that are dedicated toward suicide and bullying prevention. Ironically, the first is a WordPress site created by the founder of P.S. I Love You Day. The second is a networking site created by the same person in more recent years. They are both set up rather similarly. The home page is a powerful video recorded and featuring the founder herself. It simply conveys the message, the purpose, and how to minimally be involved. Additionally, there are tabs where a viewer can find out more about how the event began, information about the upcoming event, information about how to get involved or contact the directors, and pictures of past events. I plan to structure my website a little bit differently. My website’s purpose will be to explore self-harm and suicide as broader terms. I plan to have the home page give statistics about self-harm and suicide globally. The purpose of this is to draw readers in who may be on the fence about this movement. This heart-wrenching opening will hopefully grip a person’s emotions enough to continue exploring the website. I then plan to have the bottom of the home page show the video of the founder of the event that is a part of the movement, and the video of my coworker. Both are social proof that this movement is effective, but it also shows any viewer who may be struggling with issues of self-harm that there are people out there willing to help, and he/ she is not alone in this struggle. There will be a tab that explains the purpose of the movement and the story of the founder of the event. I plan for the second part of my webpage to include a section on the reasons why people self-harm and how to identify warning signs. I believe this will inform viewers and help them understand the illness itself. It may spark thoughts of people in their own lives who may be struggling with these issues, now that the individual is aware of the warning signs. In terms of media, I think the most effective type would be the videos. I believe the more social proof this website shows, the better it will be. It will hopefully convince people who may be victims of this illness that there is still hope, and there are people out there who are ready to help. I also believe the videos show the positive impact this movement has had, and can continue to have on the world. I believe this will help convince people who are skeptical at first to become more involved.


One thought on “Providing Another Angle

  1. I think that this issue is one of the most pressing and important of our generation as depression is realized as being a real illness. There is not enough talk about depression and how serious it is. I think social media is a good platform for this because anyone can access the information easily, no matter if you are the one who needs the help, or you are interested in helping someone else. This movement is based off of the more information people have. It is so important that people understand how they can help people in need and it is not hard to do so. I agree with you in every way that this can help the skeptical ideas that surround mental illness and suicide. I look forward to seeing your website!


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