Pro-Life Online

The pro-life movement utilizes online platforms to gain support and inform viewers. Online resources keep the cause in the public eye and elevate its significance. With much of mainstream culture and legislation currently in conflict with the movement, online media counteracts this perception and highlights the movement’s vitality.

One way movements attain a greater audience is through publicized large-scale protests and marches. March for Life is a great example. Its website and social media platforms keep supporters apprised of news while inspiring newcomers to become involved through pictures and videos of the march. f8bee-midwestSmaller gatherings around the country also use online sources to spread information and garner a greater following.

Movements also use online media to build sub-communities within local areas that foster smaller gatherings. An example of this is the Pro-Life Vanguard group at UD. They use their blog to invite the student body to attend their meetings while simultaneously informing them of pro-life current events.banner

The movement also shares online petitions to build legislative leverage. Supporters are able to see others who stand in solidarity with them and can feel a sense of inclusion despite lacking a physical connection.

The pro-life movement often posts emotional appeals such as pictures of babies or women releasing balloons to demonstrate their regret of having an abortion. I want to capture this sentiment through video clips of protests, specifically March for Life, and illustrate how people are mobilizing to take action. I’ll also include graphics that show statistics of different state abortion legislation, old planned parenthood pamphlets, and more. I plan to explain how the pro-life movement changed slowly over time through shifts in public perception and chronicle its historical significance.100_8558

Lastly, I want to organize my website in a manner that is easy to follow, so viewers can see the movement’s evolution, as well as the reason behind it. By providing a balanced history of the movement, including the opposition’s stance, viewers will be invited to form their own opinions.


One thought on “Pro-Life Online

  1. I enjoyed reading your second blog post and agree with you that using emotions to get people to become more invested is important in your pro-life movement and other movements as well. I think posting pictures and videos from the March for Life itself is important because it will help show how much emotion the march evokes and how fighting for life continues, even by those who have had abortions in the past. This is an important aspect to show because it will make some viewers rethink abortions, being that many people who have them often regret or feel sad after. I also like how you will provide the history and evolution of the pro-life movement and the counter argument, pro-choice, that it faces so that viewers of your website can evaluate both sides and form their own thoughts and opinions. This will hopefully allow your website to be free of major biases, and be an informative and enjoyable site to view.


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