Media and the American Environmental Movement

Benjamin von Duyke

For the environmental movement, a website is a way to mobilize supporters and to deliver information. The Internet is an extremely useful tool for ensuring that the environment is maintained and that businesses operate ethically. Movements against the Dakota access pipeline were organized through internet activism and BP was held responsible for multiple spills using Twitter and websites focused on environmental advocacy. On many environmentalist organizations webpages, they speak out for not only environmental activism, but political activism, encouraging voters to support the politicians who support the environment and to oust Donald Trump and his climate change denying cabinet. These movements use photographs to show how companies misuse public lands and to show images of protestors mobilizing and affecting change.



              For my own website, I will be using images and videos for two distinct purposes. The first will be to show the natural beauty of the United States and the areas within which we must protect and defend. This will encourage people to act as proper stewards for the natural beauty we all share. The second use of videos and images will be to show people the consequences which arise when regulations are loosened or become lax, and to reveal how private interest group can abuse our shared Earth when left unchecked. These two purposes act to show what we have to gain from the protection of the natural American environment, and how people and the Earth at large suffer when we fail to regulate businesses.


I would also like to incorporate poetry as a medium in my website. I think that poetry is inextricably linked to the American Environmental movement. In my opinion, American Transcendentalism is one of the most important artistic movements in America and its writers chose to capture the natural beauty of the American landscape through lyrical lenses.



3 thoughts on “Media and the American Environmental Movement

  1. Ben, I really liked your use of images in even just this post to illustrate how you will use images on your site. I think you did a good job of catching readers’ attention with the landscapes and quotes, especially given your topic. I also thought your idea to use poetry was a good one – I haven’t seen it used that way on a website before, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out for you!


  2. I agree with you that the Internet is a very powerful tool for movements. Nowadays, movements that do not utilize the Internet to promote their campaigns fail to reach large audiences or to collect people together.
    I really like the images included in your blog post. For one, they were very high quality and very beautiful. Second, images are very powerful, especially for the environmental movement, because they can show “before and after”s of environmental monuments. An example that comes to mind is the melting of glaciers. Using two photos of the same glacier taken in different decades can show how much the glacier has melted over a period of time. Another example could be finding two photos of a water body; one before and one after it was polluted.
    Lastly, I think it is really unique to include poetry in your website!


  3. Wow, it seems like you have a very clear and empowering path for the fruition of your website. When I was first scrolling through all of the blogs on our Honors English 110 wordpress, yours stood out to me the most because of the attention catching media that you included, especially the pictures of the bird soaked in oil and the one with the quote by environmentalist John Muir. When I was in California, I visited both Yosemite and Redwoods National Parks and I was completely astounded and humbled by the miracle we call nature. Laying between giant sequoias and redwoods while looking at the stars in the light pollution free night sky, I could not believe that what I was witnessing required no human intervention. I truly believe that the environmental movement is vital for the further development of our country and our earth- human accomplishments will amount to nothing if we destroy the planet we live on.


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