Protect Each Other

I am focusing on the movement involving sexual assault on college campuses. This is a very sensitive topic for many, which makes it a taboo to talk about in some cases. Using online platforms is a powerful way of talking about sexual assault and putting it out there without asking if it’s okay. I think that in order to get the movement out there, it has to be seen and cause some emotional response. Pictures do a lot in this sense, when you see images of broken and battered people it speaks a lot more than words. Powerful images speak to people through words that are hard to put together but make sense of the issue in a new light. To bring the issue to attention, I want to make it real and not censor anything. The more truth involved, the more people will want to help and get involved. My layout will include different sections that talk about what sexual assault it, how you can help others, and how you can help yourself.  I am going to include real life stories that are tear-jerking and serious, but need to be known. I want it to be eye-catching, look important, and be professional to symbolize this being an actual problem that needs to be taken seriously. With statistics, definitions, stories, and help offered, I think potential viewers will either be swayed to join the movement or be thankful that there are people to help them. Either way, I think this topic is very crucial to college campuses and should be talked about- whether people want to talk about it or not.anti-rape-on-campus-protest-64397f020a25fc07sa1

2 thoughts on “Protect Each Other

  1. I think the topic of sexual assault on college campus is something a lot of people feel strongly about; women in particular. I feel a movement such as this where you supply the reader with information through ethos, pathos, and logos, which you essentially all introduced, will allow the reader to really get a sense of the subject. Women in particular will find this movement to be very powerful, as you probably already know and have researched, are most common victims of sexual assault. Your website should attract a lot of attention and I agree with you in that you need to supply your viewer with all things regarding this topic. Whether they be sensitive or not, I believe it is your job to supply this information, just as you plan to do so. Some of the information may cause emotional responses, but a topic such as this is meant to be emotional and is meant for the reader to want to want to make a difference regarding sexual assault.


  2. I, too, am creating my website based on the anti-rape/sexual assault on college campuses movement. I believe that this movement is incredibly important because people who have been victims often believe that their voice has been stolen, so we must speak for them and fight against the perpetrators who are getting out of punishment because of their family’s wealth/social status or because of “he said she said”. You’re right in that pictures and various media is crucial in appealing to the emotions of the website visitor. Although facts and statistics may be staggering, they are not the same as images and videos that can really show the suffering that the victims endure. You have great ideas about the layout of your website and what you are going to include, such as help offered and stories. I think that it is a good idea to include both statistics/facts and media/personal accounts to appeal to different types of visitors who may be empowered by different types of content.


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