Visually Appealing + Informative = Success

In today’s digital age, an online platform is often at least as important, if not more than, print platforms such as newspapers; however, this will vary with the target audience and their Internet browsing habits. Since the student debt movement is mainly composed of recent graduates, current college students and millennials, an online platform is key to the success of any organization that plays a role in this movement. For example, both the Occupy Wall Street (which spawned the Occupy Student Debt and Occupy Colleges mini-movements) and the Million Student March have easily accessible websites that offer their readers information, news, and the opportunity to join their movements instantaneously by filling out an online form. This allows these movements to grow without waiting for snail mail to arrive and be sorted. It also offers the opportunity to use more photos, videos, GIFs, and audio, the majority of which could not be used in a print source and all of which can be updated in real time from virtually anywhere with WiFi. The layout of the Million Student homepage is visually appealing and stands out because it is a dark background, while the Occupy homepage is easy to navigate but not as colorful as the Million Student homepage, even with the Occupy fist graphic at the top of the page. I plan to make my website more visually appealing and eye-catching, but also informative, by using enough GIFs, audio and video clips, and photos to break up the text of my posts and pages. This would hopefully draw in more potential viewers because it is not a basic black-and-white color scheme with little color and few visuals.


2 thoughts on “Visually Appealing + Informative = Success

  1. Marissa, I really liked your opening thoughts explaining how ways of publicizing information differ by intended audience and internet browsing skills/habits. While online platforms may work for people who are good with technology, a newspaper or other print source may work better for those who aren’t as technologically advanced which is something to consider. For instance, while I heavily depend on online platforms (online news articles, twitter, etc.) for information, my grandpa depends exclusively on the newspaper. I think that your idea of incorporating lots of videos, pictures, GIFs, and audio clips in order to make your website more visually appealing is a great idea! These features will definitely attract more viewers to your site.


  2. I believe your ideas about the use of an online platform are spot on. There’s no doubt that college students use social media more than ever before because there are so many realms of access. I also agree with your thoughts on the simplicity of use with online platforms. Signing up, participating, and even donating are so easy nowadays that it is detrimental to not use the internet. As for student debt, it definitely is a major issue that more people should be aware of and ways they can handle it. Your website outlook seems very organized with the mix of GIFs, pictures, videos, and colot to enhance fluidity, understanding, and enticement. I really like the direction you are going in and I wish you luck moving forward.


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