Student Debt and Rising Tuition

My goal in using wordpress as an online platform to create my website is to spread the message about the rising cost of college tuition and the overwhelming debt upon graduation to as many people as possible. The benefit of this type of platform is that it is a fast, effective, and affordable way to get information out there. Besides being someone actually living through this problem right now, there are several ramifications that are not always thought about at first glance such as the postponement of marriage and children, limited entrepreneurial pursuits, increased default rate and damaged credit, and the limited pursuit of public interest jobs in favor of money driven jobs.There are several interesting articles with statistics about the anxiety factor from this trend. It is important to offer solutions as well as the problem so my website will offer statistics and links to current organizations working toward a solution to the college tuition/debt crisis including SALT, TICAS, service loan forgiveness, and the Million Student March. While touching upon the political climate and what we can expect under the new administration, my website will strive to enlighten viewers that this is a relevant problem for all of us, not just those of a particular political party. To sum it up, my website will attempt to make the viewer trust that this is a real problem affecting the majority of students and help them see that a solution is necessary for the good of the country’s economic future. With information from major media outlets and video clips of the million student march I plan to organize my website into the problem, future ramifications, possible solutions, and what to expect politically. Hopefully viewers will understand the problem more and realize  that just figuring out how to finance their education is only the beginning of a much larger problem.debt


2 thoughts on “Student Debt and Rising Tuition

  1. Alec, you’ve made some really strong points about the ramifications of student debt such as the “postponement of marriage and children, limited entrepreneurial pursuits, increased default rate and damaged credit, and the limited pursuit of public interest jobs in favor of money driven jobs”. I recently heard that there is over $1.3 trillion of student debt in the U.S. alone, and this number continues to rise. I’m very interested to see what solutions you have to this problem as it is something that affects nearly all students, including myself. Overall, great start!


  2. Alec, I believe your topic is very strong and clearly relates to all of us. The media outlets and video clips for such a topic are endless, and I truly believe you will be able to find powerful and moving resources. The most eye-opening part of what you wrote was the possible ramifications that many at first glance do not tend to notice. It is true I never really did consider these ramifications at all; for the cause of student debt. The postponement of marriage and children was probably the one, that I never even thought to consider. But, now that I am thinking about I do understand, what a powerful impact student loan debt could have on such an issue. A person cannot start a family and move on successfully and happily in the future with this giant student loan debt hanging over them.


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