One Love One Memory

The One Love foundation uses a multitude of social media hubs to create buzz around the domestic violence movement.  The One Love foundation focuses their efforts on bringing awareness of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship to keep relationships from reaching a physically violent level.  Their main social media campaigns are the use of the hashtag #thats not love.  This hashtag is used in conjunction with short videos and photos. The photos display ideas such as “okay for pets not for partners”.  The short videos seek to teach viewers the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship through thought provoking videos and cartoons.  The movement also uses pictographs to display statistics in a more visually appealing way.


The movement is able to widen their audience by placing their campaigns on social media as they encourage viewers to spread the information with those who are friends with or follow them on social media.  The use of hashtags allows the movement to combine all of the posts under one tag.


My website will utilize pictographs to depict important statistics to show the audience of my website that domestic violence is an important cause that needs more support.  This will make the statistics more interesting and visually appealing.  The campaigns used by One Love are very powerful and I believe they get across the importance of noticing the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.  These will be placed on the How to Help page which will have information on how to join the One Love team, how to become an advocate for change and resources for those effected by domestic violence.  This use of media will make the information of the website easier to learn.  The goal of the media on my page will be to simplify information and make sure that the audience remember some of what they see.


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