Advocacy: Making a Change

To me, advocacy is when people actively work to promote a change in the world that they perceive as positive. The point of advocating is to make the society as a whole see why their side of a problem is the morally right side. Advocacy movements that are successful tend to be ones that approach promoting their ideas peacefully. With MLK day being just last month, it is easy to call to mind Martin Luther King Jr.’s shining example of peacefully advocating for civil rights. The way I see it, the best way to advocate for something is to change what you do every day by going out of your way to talk to people who can make changes, going to places where injustices happen, attending marches and protests, creating and sharing social media campaigns, making ads for TV, newspaper, phones, raising money for support, and doing whatever is in your power to make a change no matter how small. For example, there is a group on campus who plans to make feminine hygiene products more available to women in Africa because that is one of the main reasons they must miss school every month and therefore have less education. That kind of advocating not only gets a message out but actually does something about it. Some other movements that come to mind are immigration, LGBTQ rights, gun violence, climate change, and student loan debt. Student loan debt interests me because it is something that affects me as a college student. With education being so expensive, it is harder to get a degree in a world where a degree is a requirement for most jobs that will lead you to the middle class. Another interesting movement is the one surrounding immigration given the new recent political atmosphere. I think it is important to study movements because they can be divisive and having the right facts is very important. Just like any argument it will be a benefit to fully understand both sides from studying the movements. One challenge will be trying to ignore our own innate biases from the way we were raised and the beliefs that are around us. It will be challenging to not react to the movements with only our emotions but use facts and logic, but it will be a rewarding experience.


One thought on “Advocacy: Making a Change

  1. Hey bbannach, you brought up some interesting ideas in your blog post. One of the ones that stood out to me was the idea that change starts on the smallest, individual level. Many people fall for the common misconception that the only way they can change the world is to join some massive movement, or attend a huge march or protest. Sometimes the smallest actions make all the difference. I’m glad that you highlighted this point and wrote about how individuals can change what they do everyday and do whatever is in their power to influence a movement. Another one of your ideas that stood out to me was the importance of seeing and educating oneself on both sides of an argument or movement and avoiding our internal biases. It’s always easy to only see your chosen side or only listen to those who agree with your opinions, but we all learn the most and become overall better informed when we understand both sides of an argument.


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