Advocacy is Action

To me, advocacy is more than just believing in something or siding with a particular position. Advocacy is action. It’s supporting a cause or opposing something so much that one feels compelled to take a stand and actually act according to their beliefs. These actions include, but are not limited to, signing a petition, educating someone about your beliefs, or attending a march. When I think of movements that successfully work in creating change, I picture peaceful protests rather than violent ones. Violent actions often attract negative attention and therefore are not a good method of advocating for change. The movements that are successful throughout history take a bold stand, but it isn’t violent actions that make them achieve success.

Historical Movements:

  • The Labor Movement
  • The Women’s Rights Movement (1848-1920)
  • The Civil Rights Movement (1960s)

Current Movements:

  • Women’s March on Washington
  • The Walk for Life

The movements that interest me are current ones—The Walk for Life and the Women’s March on Washington. I feel that for the majority of my life I never really took a definite stand on abortion because well, it’s an uncomfortable subject. However, I feel that in my own spirituality and faith I’ve grown to see both sides of the fight, but support those who march to support life. As a young woman and college student, I am nearing that age of having to make decisions bigger than myself and support a cause that does just that, all while keeping my femininity in mind. By exploring either one of these movements and its goals, I hope to educate myself more on both sides of the spectrum, both pro-life and pro-choice. As I move forward in understanding these movements, I expect many people to challenge my beliefs, especially in this day and age.



One thought on “Advocacy is Action

  1. Hi! First off, I totally agree on the idea that peaceful protests are way more effective than incorporating violence. When violence begins to occur it can definitely put the entire movement in a bad light, for example I think of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Baltimore riots. When people see the violent actions that happened in Baltimore it is easy to associate these actions with the entire movement looking at justice for Black lives under police authority, even though the movement itself does not have violent roots/goals. Also, I appreciate the fact that you are open to learning and changing your views on the Pro-choice versus Pro-life movement. Many people in today’s society are exclusively supporters of one side and are not too open to changing their opinions on the matter, so it is refreshing to hear that you are open to hearing both sides of the debate and learning more before forming a concrete opinion on the matter. It is so easy for people to just go along with what their parents/family’s opinions are or their friends, but in reality everyone should be informed on both sides and make up their minds this way.


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