Advocacy: Creating a Change

Personally, I view advocacy as standing up for what one believes in through various means, whether through physical means or through other outlets, such as the internet, by coming together with others who hold similar views and beliefs.  Advocacy speaks to people’s ability to be heard and have a say in situations that a single individual would appear powerless.  Advocacy stands as a prominent action in the function of the United States, having an immense impact on the shaping of the nation both presently and in the past.  Historical and ever lasting movements, such as those in civil and women’s rights, shows the change that advocacy can achieve if those who believe strongly enough and are willing enough to take action to create such change.  Currently, the immigration ban posed by President Trump has gathered great adversity and created against throughout the entire country, leading to numerous protests in hopes to spread awareness on the injustice that many people feel President Trump has created.

Currently, the immigration ban and the resulting movements have spiked my interest.  Although I am not directly effected by the ban, I am sympathetic to those who are as I am aware of the unfair treatment that they feel.  The effect it does have on the college campus is clear, as the inflow of college foreigners into  the US continues to rise.  Another prominent issue on the college campus is that of student debt after graduation.  The huge economic toll that a college education creates on many people every year is paramount and stands as an issue that I feel must be combatted.

Through exploration on such movements, I hope to gain a better understanding of the inequality and unfair treatments of certain groups of people that exist in today’s society.  It will enable me to see certain issues through different lens and will allow for a better understanding of how and why people feel the way they do.  It also reaffirms the notion that anyone can make a difference if they set their mind to it and fight for what they believe in.  Although people are often firm in their beliefs, I hope to convince others that change is needed in many different aspects of our lives, and that it will go a long way in shaping a better community and country as a whole.


One thought on “Advocacy: Creating a Change

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your opinion on what advocacy means. It really struck me that if it was one person in a situation that needed to change, then they might appear and feel powerless but by advocating for change they give themselves a voice and power in the situation. I think this principle is especially applicable with student debt and the immigration ban, since the only way to change the rules in these situations is if people start advocating for change, as they have done recently in response to the ban. Great job on using current events to support that argument!


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