To me, advocacy means to create a voice for a cause that you believe in, whether it is online, or physically at a march or protest, or just talking to the people around you. It also means that if you are creating this voice, then you have to be able to support the cause with facts and not just say that others should support it because you do. Movements that work/worked to create change that immediately come to mind are Black Lives Matter, women’s suffrage, and the Civil Rights Movement. Some interesting current movements I’d like to explore include environmental justice, conservation, pro-choice, and ecofeminism.

Conservation is one that interests me because part of what I am studying here is Wildlife Conservation and Ecology and I believe it is important to conserve what we still have of the natural world for future generations to enjoy, as well as to keep the earth healthy and in a livable condition. The pro-choice movement is one that I also feel strongly about because I believe it is an important part of women’s rights and health care that could be threatened by the new presidential administration.

A movement that I just learned about recently and find really interesting is ecofeminism. Ecofeminism focuses on all oppressed/dominated groups, including women, people of color, and the natural world. Ecofeminism is one that I find important because it connects different movements that I think are important, such as conservation, preserving nature, and advancing the rights of women and minorities. I think exploring this movement would be interesting because it would bring to light the relationships and connections between different areas of oppression in a male-dominated society. Moving forward with exploring ecofeminism might be difficult because there are many different definitions and interpretations of what “ecofeminism” is really considered because it covers so many areas, but I also think its wide variation of concerns is part of what makes it interesting and important.

One thought on “Advocacy

  1. I love the fact that you mentioned your interest in ecofeminism because it is also something that I have began to look into and find a passion for! I find the connections between the exploitation of the Earth’s resources and the exploitation of women fascinating, because after all it is called MOTHER Earth. One way of looking at the roots of this harm to the Earth and Women collectively is the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve. The whole idea that Eve was created from Adam’s ribs implies that women are dependent on men and inferior in a way. Also in the story of Adam and Eve, God tells them that they are to have “dominion” over the planet, meaning they would essentially have control of it. This idea of humans having dominion over the Earth most likely was very appealing to people through the ages as it gives them a reason for exploiting it, and the widespread practice of Christianity across the globe for hundreds of years explains why many people still have this mindset. Definitely keep exploring this concept of ecofeminism because it deserves more recognition as it connects to all aspects of life!


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