To me advocacy means having the passion and taking the time to spread awareness about a certain issue in order to inspire and promote change. When I think of movements that work to create change the first thing that comes  to mind are Pride Marches that aim to end the stigma and prejudice against members of the gay community and that strive to ensure equal rights for members of the LBGTQ community, as well as being a celebration of who they are. Many movements that are extremely popular such as the recent Women’s marches across the nation are used as tools to promote and protect people’s rights. However, people can also advocate for the removal of people’s rights. For example, movements to defund Planned Parenthood have a vast number of anti-abortion members who advocate to defund Planned Parenthood so women aren’t able to easily get the help they need to have an abortion. Similarly, recent pro-Trump, anti-immigrant movements aim to prevent immigrants from having the same protections and rights as natural born citizens. Some movements  that I would really like  to learn more about and possibly become more involved in are movements supporting the LGBT community and movements spreading awareness about sexual assault. Many of my friends have come out to me as gay over the last couple years so this is a movement that is very important to me because I want to do everything I personally can to ensure they can be happy and comfortable regardless of their sexual orientation. Additionally, living on a college campus  has made me especially aware of how prevalent sexual assault is and how it can literally happen at anytime to anyone. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to walk across their own campus where they live without having the fear that they may be attacked and sexually assaulted. Additionally sexual assault at parties involving drugs and alcohol are especially common. I think that more education on sexual assault should be given and more tools should be made to support victims of sexual assault. I would like to learn more and possibly get involved with S.O.S, Sexual Offense Support, on UD’s campus.


One thought on “Advocacy

  1. Hi, great job on this post! I really like how you tied in current events to support your argument about the current popular movements such as the Pride Marches and the recent anti-immigrant movements. Your mention of how the Pride Marches strive to ensure equal rights especially caught my eye because I think this is often under-emphasized in the media. I definitely agree with you that sexual assault and LGBTQ issues are very important on college campuses. Great job on coming up with ways to help the LGBTQ community feel safe and welcome and to get the word out to students about sexual assault support!


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