When I think of advocacy, I think of groups of people coming together both physically and digitally and putting a voice behind a certain cause or purpose. The purpose can be big or small but ultimately the idea is to bring about change to the current situation. Advocacy is all about bringing justice to every aspect of life. In my opinion, It is a method of standing up for groups of people in a similar situation as yourself or for those who don’t have the power to stand up for themselves.

We see movements towards justice all throughout history in instances such as the Civil Rights Movement, many women’s rights movements, and, more recently, movements against President Trump’s new travel ban.

The Travel Ban stands out to me because it is also known as the Muslim Ban. I am a Muslim, my family is Muslim, and a lot of my friends are Muslim. When I see the clear animosity towards Muslims in the form of this travel ban, I feel attacked and Muslims all around the world feel attacked.

Just recently, I was at the Philadelphia Airport and I saw large groups of protesters standing up against the ban. The amazing thing about it was that the majority of these people weren’t even Muslims. As a nation, people are coming together to fight against social injustice. This speaks volumes to me and I think it is important to stand as one for the cause.

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