Advocacy to me


To me advocacy is to give a voice to a cause or problem. As an advocate, one is a supporter, proponent, and crusader for a cause they believe in.

For me, advocacy is about justice and equality not just for myself but as a way to speak for others who may not have a voice of their own, or to help a cause be heard so that there are more people making it known.

Protests and Movements that come to mind


  • civil rights movements
  • anti-war movements (1960s)


  • movements like the women’s march
  • protests regarding Trump’s stand on immigration

    Movement that interests me

A cause that I personally would be interested in becoming involved in would be the protest against the rising cost of college tuition, especially for the middle class where aid is often not available as it is in lower income homes
but money is not as expendable as it may be in higher income homes. As I can personally attest, this problem leads to a lessening of family retirement income, limited choice of education options, or a resulting large debt at the end of one’s college education.

A problem with this protest will likely be the argument that there are only limited federal and private funds available for aid and those must go to the lowest income levels. The solution lies more in the cost the colleges are charging for the education than is finding additional funds to award potential students. Affordable college benefits not only the families of current students but is essential to the future success of our country.


One thought on “Advocacy to me

  1. I completely agree with your frustrations in regards to the rising cost of college tuition. In today’s workforce, it is hard to obtain a high-level, high-paying job without some sort of college education- at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree. However, many of us are forced to pay an inordinate amount of money up front or take out loans that have high interest rates in order to make tuition payments each semester in hopes of obtaining this degree within four or five years. Although scholarships do exist, many top-tier schools such as those in the Ivy League, do not offer merit scholarships due to the reasoning that since they admit so many top students, they would then feel bound to give everyone a scholarship. Sometimes, even with a scholarship to mitigate tuition costs, the price of college is still not a feasibility for some families. There are many other costs associated with attending school such as room and board, books, access codes, supplies, meal plans, and social expenditures. This makes the college situation a catch 22, where you need to attend college to have good career prospects, but you also need to pay a boatload of cash to attend in the first place. Hopefully sometime in the near future, college costs will go down again and college will become an affordable option for the majority of American students.
    -Katie Kornienko


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